Our dedicated team will work with you to learn about your game so that we can ensure that you have the optimal components for your project that meet your budget. In addition, we can assist you in generating stretch goal ideas for your Kickstarter campaign.


Panda Quotes are free! Just sign-up and submit your quote request. Our pricing begins at a minimum order quantity of 1500 units and there is no maximum order quantity. However, the minimum order quantity for a project utilizing custom plastics is 2,500 units. We are happy to provide quotes for multiple versions of your game (such as a retail version and a kickstarter version). In addition, any quote that you receive from us is a guaranteed price to manufacture your game if signed and returned within 30 days.


Panda can professionally prepare your print files (rulebooks, punchboards, box, etc), ensuring that they meet Panda’s design guidelines and are ready for printing. Panda’s layout artists can optimize the specifications for your printed materials and ensure that they are easy to update for any subsequent print runs or language editions. Please note that this service does not include any illustration, just graphic layout. In addition, clients who sign up for Panda’s design services will bypass the print design verification step of the Panda Process.


Our Design Verification process ensures that your files convey the optimal information for production. We can even begin Design Verification work even before you’ve signed a final manufacturing contract. This helps prepare you to begin the manufacturing process without delay, saving you time and allowing your backers and retail outlets to receive their games in plenty of time. Your prepress specialist will review your printed files to ensure they meet our design guidelines for printing. If your game has custom plastics, our plastics engineers can analyze your 3D designs or physical sculpts to provide suggestions and tips for minor design tweaks that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Our wood, dice, and metal component teams can analyze your component designs, ensuring they are suitable for manufacturing, and help to provide suggestions and solutions for changes as needed. And, as a final checkpoint during the design verification step of a project, we will create a full set of online digital proofs for you to review and approve before we begin the sampling process.


Once your files and designs are approved, we will make a Pre-production Copy, or PPC, which is a single, near-final quality prototype version of the printed components of your game (box, rules, cards, punchboards, game boards, etc). It will be airshiped to you at no extra cost. Your Project Manager will review it with you live on a video call to identify any final changes that are needed before we begin full scale mass production. In addition, we make and airship samples of all your plastic, wood, metal, dice, and other non-printed components to you to ensure that you are happy with them before we begin full scale mass production.


Once your PPC and component samples are approved, we will begin mass production. Panda’s minimum order quantity for mass production is 1500 units. A Mass Production Copy, or MPC, is the first full, final, and complete mass production version of your game and the final checkpoint before we begin assembly and shipping of the rest of the games. Your MPC will be air shipped to you at no additional cost. Upon its arrival, your Project Manager will review it with you live on a video call to ensure that it is exactly the way you want it.


Quality control is built in throughout the Panda production process. It begins with design verification and your digital proofs, ensuring that your files and designs are correctly formatted for printing. And it continues with component sampling and the PPC, which ensures that your game is ready for mass production. The next step is the MPC, which ensures that everything was made correctly, and is ready for assembly and shipping. The final quality control checkpoint is assembly, when our dedicated QC team inspects your components to make sure that everything is complete and correct as it’s assembled into the box. All of Panda’s games come with a 99% defect-free quality promise. We also ship you extra spare parts of all components at no extra charge that you can use as needed for the occasional replacement part request from your backers and customers.


Once a print run is complete, it needs to get to its destination. Panda creates customized cartons and carton markings in which to package the finished games. These cartons can be palletized and shrink wrapped or floor loaded, depending on your preference and at no extra charge. Our door-to-door shipping services gets your games delivered from our factory in China to the location or locations of your choice. We can ship games by ocean, air, or land, depending on your budget and timing needs. We work with a network of experienced global shipping partners to ensure your games arrive safely and on time. If you prefer to work with your own shipping agent who will arrange a pickup of the games from our factory on your behalf, that’s fine too. We don’t charge anything for factory pickups.

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